Projects and Activities

Nature Foundation has spearheaded a number of projects over the years and is also presently active in various activities that help to promote environmental awareness in the community and conserve our fragile marine life. Some of the projects were done with the support of other environmental groups. Future projects and activities will be posted on our site and eventually added to the list. Also, keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities as they become available!

Save our Sharks Project

The Nature Foundation works on shark conservation through the Save Our Sharks project from the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance. The project aims to create safe havens for sharks in Dutch Caribbean waters. The Foundation focuses on the protection of the St. Maarten shark populations through research, communication and education.

Protected Area Management

The St. Maarten Nature Foundation was established in June 1997 with funding from the Dutch World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with the aim to protect areas of important natural habitat unique to St. Maarten. The St. Maarten Nature Foundation is the management authority of the Man of War Shoal Marine Park, the island’s first national park and all of St. Maarten dive sites.


The Nature Foundation, in a continued effort to educate the youth on conservation issues and stress the important role they play in the future of nature conservation on this island, established the Snorkel Club program with the aim of introducing youngsters to the ocean through the teaching of snorkeling skills and marine conservation.

Research and Monitoring

Shark Conservation

The Nature Foundation has been conducting a Shark Conservation Project on St. Maarten. Read more

Coral Reef Monitoring

The Nature Foundation engages the community in Coral Reef Conservation. Read more

Water Quality Testing

The Nature Foundation tests water quality at seven sites on the island. Read more

Lionfish Control

Controlling the lionfish invasion in the waters around St. Maarten. Read more

Coral Restoration

The St. Maarten Nature Foundation is restoring coral reef zones. Read more

Pelican Monitoring

St. Maarten’s pelicans reflects the general health of the marine ecosystem. Read more

Marine Mammals

The St. Maarten Nature Foundation is monitoring Marine Mammals. Read more

Seagrass Monitoring

The Nature Foundation consistently monitors the local sea grasses. Read more