Longlure Frogfish

Longlure Frogfish

The Longlure Frogfish is a very odd-looking fish that is hard to find because it looks so much like a sponge. It actually takes on the colour of the dominant sponge to hide away from predators; it ranges from black to light yellow to red and even green. There are always black spots on its body, which are sometimes edged white. Its short round body has webbed pectoral and dorsal fins that it uses like hands to walk or hold onto things. To add to this fish’s strange look, the first dorsal spine is not located on the back but on the snout; it looks like a long filament.

Thanks to its very large upturned mouth, the Longlure Frogfish can swallow a fish that is bigger than itself! If you want to see the Longlure Frogfish catch prey, make sure you bring along a high-speed camera. The frogfish is very, very fast when it catches prey; it waits for prey while hiding in a sponge, then lures prey in by moving its illicium (elongated first spine on dorsal fin); it then sucks in the prey in about 1/6th of second and swallows it whole.

 Not yet assessed
 Antennarius multiocellatus
SIZE 11cm to 20cm
HABITAT Shallow reef areas with many sponges.
DIET Mostly fish, some crab and shrimp.



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28 November 2016