Sea Turtle – Loggerhead

Sea Turtle – Loggerhead

The Loggerhead is named after its very large head, which looks like a big log. It is the largest species of hard-shelled turtle. From the time it is born to when it reaches its adult size, the Loggerhead will increase its weight by about 6,000 times. It also has a very thick beak and powerful jaws that it uses to open hard-shelled prey such as, clams, conchs, crabs, and sea urchins. Its heart-shaped carapace is often encrusted by a heavy growth of invertebrate fauna, such as barnacles.

 Caretta caretta
SIZE 115 meters
WEIGHT 90 kilos
HABITAT Coral reefs, lagoons, bays and shallow rocky areas.
DIET Hard-shelled molluscs, crustaceans as well as fish, jellyfish, and seaweeds.



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28 November 2016